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101 Saint Marks Place, New York, NY

Ruinart Brand Ambassador

Lacey Burke

Ruinart Brand Ambassador

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Truly a personal favorite and a place I frequent. It tends to get pretty packed on the weekends, as its not secret how good the place is. Scoring a seat a the bar for 1 or 2 is usually a safe bet. The efficient staff will whip you up a killer latte (only whole milk FYI), while you browse the middle eastern inspired menu. If you want something fruity to quench your thirst, try the fresh squeezed oj, or get boozy with a Bloody Mary. The Haloumi eggs are pretty fantastic. Roasted tomatoes and perfectly poached eggs are unique bed mates to the griddled haloumi but really work well. I love the variety of the Middle Eastern eggs dish. Eating salad along side those incredible spiced pitas just feels right, not to mention tangy tabouli and hummus.
If you happen to be with someone who prefers a more simple breakfast, there are classic standbys as well. There are lots of fun side dishes to enhance whatever main dish you decide on, so order a few! In the warmer months, this little spot has a charming patio as well. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed. I'll see you at the bar!

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BBQ Grill Master, beer lover

John Rudolph

I walk by here all the time but have never ventured in. Sound prety badass though, I like the middle eastern influence on the brunch menu.

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Lauren Gold

I'm booking a resy with some friends for next week after reading this, thank you thank you!

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Greg Duncan

Great writeup, it's only a few blocks from me so it'll definitely be on my list

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111 1st Avenue, New York, NY

Michael Landas

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Chef de Cuisine at Boilermaker

Michael Landas

Chef de Cuisine at Boilermaker

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Welcome to the food of my heritage!
At first glance, the menu seems like the brunch norm: egg platters, breakfast sandwiches, chicken & waffles- upon closer inspection, the dishes you thought were familiar are composed of very unfamiliar ingredients. Ingredients like pandesal (Filipino rolls) Ube (purple yam) laing (Filipino "creamed spinach" made with taro leaves and coconut milk) are found all throughout the menu.
Then there's sisig, which "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on Cooking Channel once mentioned as the best hangover food out there. Without going into details, it is essentially multiple bits of pork, slow cooked through multiple techniques, served to you sauteed with an egg and rice. Salty, unctious, tender and filling, I can attest that it's helped me get through quite a few Sundays.
For a Far Eastern twist on dishes you though you knew, check out Maharlika!

Edit- Rereading what I just wrote, I gave myself a craving for sisig. If anyone would like to join me in going for brunch this Sunday, weather permitting, message me. I'll happily be your tour guide in a Filipino brunch.

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Marketing consultant, food network voyeur

Scott Chen

This is officially the next spot I'm going to go for brunch.

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Line cook, just moved to NYC

Victoria Justin

I love this question, this is something I am always on the hunt for. I loved hearing about Maharlika I got so hungry reading your description! :)

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Corey Cash

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Corey Cash

Hospitality Consultant - Cash Only NYC

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Champagne Hangover meets Burnside Biscuits:

Nothing cures a Valentine's champagne hangover like southern style breakfast foods paired with jet fuel coffee, and I haven't found a place that executes this remedy better than Burnside Biscuits in Astoria, Queens.

With one eye open and after verbally abusing Siri for Burnside's number, I call to make a reservation. Josh assures us a table will be waiting for us at 11:45, perfect!

My darling and I show up 20 minutes late, so I prepared myself for smug looks and attitude due to our tardiness but none were present. Josh greeted and seated us right away and with a smile. After dodging an attempt to be sat next to a fussy toddler, we are seated and quickly served coffee that could bring Mia Wallace back from an overdose. I can think clearly now and starving after my candy heart dinner the night before.

The Brunch menu holds true to their name offering a variety of breakfast foods served on southern style biscuits, breakfast plates served in cast iron as well as fried chicken and waffles. This menu sings to my southern soul! We start of with biscuits, jam and butter, followed by The Moose and Huevos Rancheros.

The biscuits are fresh, perfectly executed with a crisp outside and warm, soft center. Jams and butter compliment the biscuits nicely! This held us over for the short wait on our main courses. The Moose was a pork bomb with Tasso ham, sausage, bacon topped with sharp cheddar, a fried egg and sausage gravy. The 10 napkins they bring out along with the plate do not go to waste. As I concurred Mt. Swine, my girlfriend was devouring the Huevos Rancheros served in a cast iron skillet. This common brunch item was nowhere near what one would see or eat when it comes to Huevos Rancheros. Fire roasted cherry tomatoes, andouille sausage, black eyed peas, pickled red onion, two poached eggs, freshly fried blue tortilla chips, and fresh avocado complimented with a chili-lime crema represents what this classic should have always been.

With no complaints from either side of the table, Burnside Biscuits has quickly become my go to brunch of the Queens Borough. I plan on going back to experience dinner and libations as I can safely assume their execution and presentation will be equally satisfying.

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Jeff Diebold

Fantastic review! I've been meaning to try burnside this might spur me to get out there this weekend.

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Foodie, Travel Lover, Deloitte Consultant

Kate Liou

I LOVED your review, thanks for sharing Corey!

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Ann Kaufman

This was seriously amazing! I sent this to my friend who I've been talking about going here with.

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134 W Broadway, New York, NY

Sommelier @ Italienne

Amy Mitchell

Sommelier @ Italienne

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This new cocktail bar, brought to you by the owners of Raines Law Room and Dear Irving, has a brunch menu that is a really nice surprise. Of course, they have the usual suspects, like Eggs Bennett-Dict. However, dishes like, the Dinosaur Kale with lemon dressing, poached egg and anchovy butter crostini, as well as the Lord Wallace (a take on the Scotch Egg with lamb merguez) steal the show. They also serve one of the best Bloody Marys I have ever had. It has the perfect amount of sweet, spicy and smoky with a nice thick texture. For those of you that have been longing for Brunch and cannot partake because you're working, Sunday Brunch is served until 8:00pm. Oh Happy Day!

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Private chef, specialize in latin american cuisine

Marc Ramos

If it's being done by the guys from Raines and Dear Irving that alone would be enough to sell me. You had me at best bloody mary ever.

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Not to be biased, but Italian food is the best

Peter Abatelli

I had a scotch egg for the first time at Smorgasburg and it blew my mind. If they have a good one I will come her solely for that

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Wish I could work as an ice cream tester for Ben & Jerry's

Lara Chang

+1 on the bloody mary's here they are out of this world!

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