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Wino-Foodie Extraordinaire

Ian Roberts

Wino-Foodie Extraordinaire

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Where will you be when the Carolina Panthers, the highest-ranked offense, and the Denver Broncos, the highest-ranked defense, face off in Super Bowl 50? Keg & Lantern is a hundred yard dash north of Williamsburg's McCarren Park--technically in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it is home to many sports fans from across the Nation. With twelve giant flat screen TV's dispersed amongst four different alcoves (including a heated backyard), AND thirty-two beers on tap--12 of which are handcrafted beers brewed on the premises--Keg & Lantern is sure to defuse any NFL rivalries with their welcoming hospitality, and expedient service of traditional Americana cuisine. Whether its Wings, Home Style Nachos, Burgers, or the best Rueben Sandwich this side of Katz Deli, you'll feel as if you are watching the game in VIP Box seats.

A victory for THe Broncos would make Peyton Manning the only QB in NFL history with 200+ wins, and a Victory for The Panthers would make Cam Newton the first quarterback in NFL history to win a college National Championship, Heisman Trophy, Super Bowl and NFL MVP Award. So, feed your donkeys, and fly pattern right on down in those team socks you haven't changed all season, and we'll see if it's superstition or athleticism that keeps these "Super Fans" coming back.

--Ian Roberts

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Cristian Go

Savvy writing . I Appreciate the facts . Does someone know if my business might be able to locate a fillable a form document to fill in ?

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Mother first, chef second

Kristin Cardoza

This was seriously awesome. I sent to my boyfriend this looks like a bar he'd like.

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Any time's a good time for a margarita

Anita Malhotra

This sounds like a bar that might actually give me a reason to watch the super bowl ;)

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Cheap eats to fine dining and everything in between

Ashley Belin

Cheap eats to fine dining and everything in between

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Well, this is a little last minute, but this is certainly my favorite sports bar in the east village, and where I will be watching the game tomorrow. Friendly staff, cheap beers, TVs everywhere you look, and rarely packed. Hits all the right notes!

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