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Francesca Sepulveda

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Bartender at Le Bilboquet

Francesca Sepulveda

Bartender at Le Bilboquet

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I normally get the classic ice cream here at Van Leeuwen's, but I was intrigued by the vegan ice cream one time and just had to try it. I got my favorite flavor, mint chip, and I almost couldn't tell the difference!

They make their vegan ice cream from cashews, coconut, and cocoa butter, as opposed to just coconut, almond, and/or soy. These ingredients have allowed them to substitute the use of gums or stabilizers (big plus!). They have a nice selection of dairy-free flavors, and all of them are more than just plain old vanilla and chocolate. Van Leeuwen also offers specials, so keep an eye out for those new flavors!

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Any time's a good time for a margarita

Anita Malhotra

VL is one of my favorite summertime spots, and I think their ice cream is a bit underrated. So good! You definitely did them justice with your review!

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Chief Culinary Officer/ Chef Partner Honeybrains

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Sweet Jane’s Is my favorite ice cream store in New York not only because the owner is always on premise making ice cream, serving customers, or handing out samples; it’s because it makes my fiancé extremely happy. My fiancé is not only celiac (gluten allergic), but she also has allergies to dairy as well as several other foods. Jane offers two different types of gluten free cones, as well as a large variety of dairy free ice creams that use different bases such as soy, coconut, and almond. All the flavors change constantly, which make coming back here all the time much more enjoyable. While those that live in Manhattan or Brooklyn may not want to venture out to Astoria, if you or if you have a fiancé with strict dietary needs, it’s definitely worth the trip.

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Mother first, chef second

Kristin Cardoza

Hooray, this made me so happy! Will add it to my list to venture out there this spring!

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Wish I could work as an ice cream tester for Ben & Jerry's

Lara Chang

Yay, thanks for adding Queens spots! I hardly ever see them on here :)

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