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18 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Morgan Harris

New York


Sommelier at Aureole Restaurant

Morgan Harris

Sommelier at Aureole Restaurant

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Here it's more the burger that's unexpected rather than the place. This restaurant might as well be the epicenter of hipster North Brooklyn, Balthazar for the trustafarian set. You expect a burger, but not necessarily this one. It sounds impossible: a hefty beef patty, a slice of beet, a slice of pineapple, an egg and harissa mayo on a toasted brioche bun. To hear it, it should be practically inedible, but there's just something very strangely satisfying about this. The execution is flawless here, and with such weird ingredients it needs to be. The beef is always just to temperature. The egg is perfectly gooey-runny. The beet is roasted perfectly, and the spice-and-sweet ratio of the harissa and pineapple comes correct. Expect a thirty minute to hour plus wait unless you're there on a winter Monday at 3:30 PM, but the kitchen is open continuously with a limited menu which includes this burger. Lots of outdoor seating, but it is nearly a bloodsport to land one of those tables, especially during summer primetime. There's a strong bar program, a limited selection of carefully curated beers, and well-considered, utilitarian wine list.

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Morgan Theriault

Seriously one of the best burgers. Definitely better than Shake Shack.

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