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85 10th Avenue, New York, NY

Juan Quintero

New York City

Wine Director at Juni

Juan Quintero

Wine Director at Juni

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No Biodynamic but is Organic
Well... have you ever sit down in a restaurant and tried a bottle that was really bad?. That is what mister Giuseppe Benanti felt when dinning in a restaurant near Mount Etna. how does he solve it? He got a property and started making wine from the very old vines already planted there. certainly something that all of us can't do to solve that problem but in the mean time enjoy this wine.

Benanti, "Pietramarina", Etna Bianco Superiore 2010
100% Carricante from 80 year old vines from the town of Milos (only town to be allowed to carry the designation "superiore" on the label of Etna Bianco).

The Volcanic soils can be felt on the nose, some almonds, orange blossom, white flowers, lemon peel and a beautiful acidity that would be like adding a lemon on top of your dish, do you wanna put this wine as your lemon on some fish, salad or a tempura dish? I bet now you do....

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I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.

Gianluca ElAmir

Just one more reason to go to the wonderful Del Posto. Great recommendation!

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Private chef specializing in Italian, French

Alyssa Heitlinger

Beautiful description of the terroir, this sounds like a wonderful bottle!

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New yorker with a big appetite

James Schmitt

Thanks Juan! How much will a bottle of this set you back at Del Posto?

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