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Luke Boland

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Wine Director at La Sirena

Luke Boland

Wine Director at La Sirena

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Granted, I know neither you nor your parents, but I'm going to do the best I can to pick you an all-star destination! To start, the restaurant is basically in mid-town, so there's lots for iconic fun stuff for you all to see afterwards without having to slog all around the city. The ambiance is really cozy and perfect for inspiring some good old-fashioned down-home family talk. And of course, the food is really damn good. This restaurant has the perfect French/Manhattan mashup feel that delivers tasty drinks, small but solid wine list, and really baller roasted food. They certainly know how to work the rotisserie here, and no matter what meat preparation you choose it comes out perfect! If I had my druthers, I would go ahead of time and have a cocktail. When we sit down, I would order a simple bottle of their Aligoté from Olivier Leflaive to go with my smoked trout rillettes and burrata for the table. We would move into the 2005 Rioja Alta Gran Reserva which would happily hold a place on the table with the Duck a l'Orange or the whole roasted "Poule de Luxe." And yeah, I think I would order the stuffed and crisped potatoes too.

No matter where you may end up, I hope you have an amazing dinner, but I hope if you end up here you have a fabulous meal with your parents!

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Gerardo Rodriguez

Well, my birthday isn't coming up, but I will definitely check this place out. Awesome writeup, thank you!

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