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157 Avenue C, New York, NY

Marketing consultant, food network voyeur

Scott Chen

Marketing consultant, food network voyeur

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Avenue C has some of the best bars in the city, and the Royale is a perfect fit if you want outdoor seating. They have a really charming outdoor space with a fair amount of seating. It doesn't typically get too packed here, and they also have above-average bar food if you're hungry. They have a happy hour that runs 4-7pm with $3 beers and well Monday-Thursday, as well as $5 mimosas and bloody mary's for the weekend brunch.

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Web developer with a Korean BBQ obsession

Terry Kim

Spot on. Avenue C bar scene is really coming along.

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Breaking into the NYC food scene

Fouad Mirza

$3 beers? That's crazy!

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129 East 15th Street, New York, NY

My friends think I'm a food snob

Eliot Abrams

My friends think I'm a food snob

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The inside of Revival has a little bit of a dive bar vibe going for it, but if you want cheap beer and liquor with a really nice outdoor patio situation, this is your spot. The patio is somewhat small so it can be tough to get seating if you are with a large group. I've organized countless after-work happy hours here during the spring and summer, and I count it among my favorite bars in the city.

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ex-music snob, urban outdoorsman, digital media guy

Kevin Pearsall

ex-music snob, urban outdoorsman, digital media guy

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"Dude, I can't BELIEVE we're in New York right now" I shouted across the shuffleboard table, as I took a sip from a drink called the "Maalstroom Margarita". The habenero-infused tequila made my cheeks burn bright red, or maybe it was hazy sunshine beating down in Red Hook. Mini-golf and beanbag toss awaited, but so did $10 cocktails such as the "Zeilboot" (bourbon, mint, molasses) and Ankar (local-made gin, orgeat syrup, fresh lime). Perhaps the pumpkin-sized rum bucket was a better option (27 bucks and see ya later). I didn't know. I didn't care. Stumbling across the hot sand, I found our waitress for another Maalstrom marg and our first order of fresh oysters. The day has just begun.

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perfected the art of eating

Jerry Hughes

perfected the art of eating

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This is a great place to go with a group of friends or family. It has a very friendly atmosphere despite the fact that there are usually larger crowds on the weekend. The seafood here is good, not great, but the atmosphere and views of the hudson make this a great afternoon activity for the summer.

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79 Baxter Street, New York, NY

Andrew Johnson

New York City


Co-founder of RoundTable

Andrew Johnson

Co-founder of RoundTable

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Whiskey Tavern looks like a dime-a-dozen bar you'd find anywhere in midtown, but the bartenders and wait-staff and the casual, friendly atmosphere make for a great experience. They are definitely known for their great service, and I'm of course a big fan of their cheap drinks, great happy hour specials and outdoor patio area. Be aware that the space is relatively small so it can get packed on weekend nights, but you're still more than likely going to have a good time here. Great late night eats available afterwards since this is right in Chinatown.

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Wine is the most intellectual part of a meal

Alan Schneider

Love whiskey tavern!

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366 Metropolitan Avenue, New York, NY

Tanya Blum

New York


F&B Marketing for NYC's coolest spots.

Tanya Blum

F&B Marketing for NYC's coolest spots.

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This place rocks. Not only is there outdoor seating and cheap drinks but they have a rad brunch and fried chicken sandwich the rest of the time. The food ordering is a bit hard to navigate but always good vibes at this long-running neighborhood spot.

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64 Frost Street, Brooklyn, NY
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Brooklyn bar with a cute outdoor patio/deck area, part outdoor/part covered. They have fun, summery Caribbean eats and delicious drinks. Also, unrelated, awesome dinosaur heads above the bathrooms.

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NYC bartender & specialty cocktail creationist

Gerardo Rodriguez

Yes, I love this place! One of my favorite spots during the summer. The jerk chicken wings and sandwich are amazing.

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