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Who makes the best soup dumplings in NYC?

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13 Saint Marks Place, New York, NY
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The soup dumplings are some of the best I've had - prepare to wait a bit though on a busy night.

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Sheila Mayo

This is the best spot on St. Marks among a bunch of gems (I'm also partial to Xi'an famous foods)

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Mike Davies

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Mike Davies

Which dumplings are the best? Pork, chicken?

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Dara Pollak

Pork! Always pork :)

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This is one of the best one's I've had in NYC recently.

Nicely thin wrap with a good bite to them and a balanced filling.

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Gerardo Rodriguez

Good bite meaning that they're spicy?

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Kayla Chang

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Kayla Chang

Born in Hong Kong, Instagramaholic

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Outside of Shanghai, this has to be some of the best Chinese food I've ever had. Their soup dumplings (specifically the crab & pork) are my go-to meal whenever I visit, especially because they're fresh-to-order. The meat inside is always nice and tender, and the skin is thin but pleasurably chewy. The prices are insanely low, and the restaurant, while crowded occasionally, is quite large and can accommodate both large and small parties. Eat your dumplings slowly as to enjoy them (or inhale them and order more).

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Scott Chen

Marketing consultant, food network voyeur

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Skip Joe's Shanghai and go directly to Shanghai Asian Manor. Their dumplings are the best I've had in the city. The skins are thick, but not overly doughy, and the flavor of the broth is sweeter than normal and all that more exciting. I especially enjoy their crab soup dumplings. Shanghai Asian Manor is a popular spot, with long lines at peak hours, but go for an early lunch and you're sure to make it in to try these yummy dumplings.

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