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What are some of your favorite signature desserts at NYC restaurants?

Please offer any details about what's in the dessert and if there's anything that makes it unique or interesting

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225 East 60th Street, New York, NY

East village resident, major sweet tooth

Sam Arnold

East village resident, major sweet tooth

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What began as a New York's first coffee house boutique, complete with 4 tables and 16 chairs, quickly turned into one of the most popular spots for sweets in Manhattan. Serendipity 3 was a favorite for many, and in fact Andy Warhol once said it was his favorite sweet shop. Celebrities, politicians and chocolate lovers near and wide find themselves ordering the signature Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. This dessert is easily sharable amongst 2-3 friends. The cold, creamy chocolate is topped by a generous portion of whipped cream, followed by numerous chocolate shavings for added delight. It's a dessert perfect for a hot, NYC summer day.

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