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What restaurants are serving up great cuisine based on ethnic street food concepts?

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General Manager at Bareburger

Diana Hytinen

General Manager at Bareburger

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I had the pleasure of managing at this restaurant shortly after it's opening. The food is outstanding, with offerings from eighteen different countries that include Korean Bulgogi Tacos, authentic Bake N Shark from Trinidad (accompanied with a sweet tamarind sauce, savory mango salsa, and a yellow scotch bonnet pepper sauce that packs both heat and flavor), Peruvian Humitas (sweet corn cake, similar to a tamale, served open faced with crispy yuca chips and a coconut black bean dip), and a New England Lobster Roll - there is something for everyone to enjoy. What is unique about this particular restaurant is the authenticity of each dish. Owner Peter Best spent his days traveling to each country represented on his menu and dedicated numerous hours in the kitchen to perfect his recipes in order to replicate each and every dish he discovered during his travels. If you have not yet tried this hidden jem in Williamsburg, make a reservation ASAP.

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Ashley Belin

Uh, this is mind-blowing. How did I not know about this? Is it like the restaurant version of Smorgasburg?

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Shiloh Jackson

Whatever is in that photo just made me so hungry. Have to stop reading about food before lunch!

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Andrew Johnson

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Andrew Johnson

I just went here on Friday with one of my friends on your recommendation Diana. LOVED it! The Bake N Shark and Gai Yang were definitely my favorites. Thank you!

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