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What chefs are combining the cuisine of their home country or family roots with formal chef training?

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128 1st Avenue, New York, NY

Luke Boland

New York City

Wine Director at La Sirena

Luke Boland

Wine Director at La Sirena

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Noreetuh is described as a casual Hawaiian inspired restaurant, but the food borrows snippets from Korean, Japanese, and Filipino culture as well. The three gentlemen that opened this relatively new restaurant are Chef Chung Chow, Gerald San Jose and Jin Ahn. All three of these partners are alums of Per Se and are using their formal training to created elevated cuisine in a more stripped down space. The food is wholesome and fun to eat-- not to mention delicious-- and showcases some humble delicacies one might not expect to grace the menus of an NYC establishment (think Spam and Monkfish Liver). The monkfish liver, by the way, is one of the most surprising and rewarding dishes I've tried this year. Prepared as a torchon, the liver is silky and rich with a mousse texture. Accompanied by roasted pear gives a deep fruitiness while passion fruit gelée offers a sweet-tart acidic bite that is needed to cut the richness. These guys aren't afraid of flavor and the result is a meal you're happy to go back to. Prices are fair too, especially on the wine list which offers wines at prices often so low you can't help but wonder if they're true. Jin is the General Manager and also handles the wine purchasing. When I talked to him, he was very honest and said that he isn't a Sommelier and he hasn't really bought wine before. He just purchases what he knows he likes and believes to be a good wine, and marks it up enough to make a little money, but not restrict his guests from drinking what he would drink. To me, that's a noble policy and one that I can get behind. Also, they specifically keep seats open for industry walk-ins which makes this place an absolute favorite of mine.

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Zach Gilson

This is an awesome post. Noreetuh was one of the best meals I've had in the past several months, very cool to hear about the history of the guys who started it. The tuna poke and creme brulee pineapple are both off the chain.

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Katie Diehl

Beautiful piece about Noreetuh!

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Kelsey Ferro

The food is superb, and the best part is that it's affordable enough where you can go somewhat regularly without seriously denting the bank account. Love Noreetuh!

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Dana Silverstein

Really nice, thank you Luke! I've heard great things about them but this articulated it really well.

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