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What are the best water-front restaurants in NYC for quality of food and ambiance?

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Pier 25, Hudson River Park, N. Moore St. at West S, New York, NY

Luke Boland

New York City

Wine Director at La Sirena

Luke Boland

Wine Director at La Sirena

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Well, it's hard to get a much better view of the waterfront than sitting right on a boat. If you get seasick, don't go to Grand Banks. The rocking of the ship can certainly be felt. But, if you're a salty sea dog then this place in an amazing opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, feel the breeze from the Hudson on your face, and decimate oysters. Small plates are good too, but in all honesty if you're sitting out here on a warm summer day, raw bar and cocktails are the way to go. Keep it light, refreshing, and enjoy the scenery.

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Sheila Mayo

Food is way better than Frying Pan. This spot is a little out of the way but it's totally worth the trip!

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John Rudolph

Will definitely be hitting this up, sounds awesome!

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