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New York has dozens of iconic restaurants, from the Carnegie Deli to Lombardi's to Le Bernardin. What are some classic dishes associated with these iconic restaurants?

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Sayat Özyılmaz

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Sayat Özyılmaz

Moved to San Francisco, doing Istanbul-themed pop-ups every week with my wife at

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Of all the classic dishes associated with Le Bernardin (e.g. Osetra Caviar croque mensieur, king fish with caviar and Meuniere sauce, etc.), the one that is sought most often is our yellowfin tuna carpaccio. Tuna carpaccio has been on the menu of the restaurant ever since its inception. The combination of tuna, cured foie gras, and a thin toast is not just a Le Bernardin classic but a New York classic as well. 20 some years and the dish is still one of the most popular, now only offered on Le Bernardin's lounge menu.

The new tuna carpaccio dish captures the zeitgeist and replaces the (irreplaceable) foie gras with a jamon Iberico chutney, which is savory, decadent and complex, and is used as a 'seasoning' for the clean, fresh, bright carpaccio. Capers, chives, brioche crutons and seabeans bring texture and levels of brightness to the carpaccio game.

Extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice, and voila you have a dish that is an instant classic. A classic 20 years in the making.

Bon appetit.

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