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615 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

perfected the art of eating

Jerry Hughes

perfected the art of eating

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One of the owners of Torst, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, is the brewer behind Danish beer Evil Twin (they feature 4 evil twin beers out of the 25 or so on tap). This is a bar for beer aficianados, and they put a great deal of effort into curating a unique and diverse selection. It definitely has the hip, Williamsburg vibe going for it as well.

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Large selection of craft beer in a comfortable space.

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33 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
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Huge beer hall like space with a large selection of mostly American craft beer.

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125 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

Andrew Johnson

New York City


Co-founder of RoundTable

Andrew Johnson

Co-founder of RoundTable

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There is nothing pretentious about this place. It's a friendly neighborhood bar with a warm, knowledgable staff and an excellent craft beer selection. They have probably 25-30 beers on tap and the bartenders will help point you to something that you'll like.

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